#MPT Proprietary Products

If component solutions don´t satisfy our needs, we develop our own brands.

MPT Proprietary Products

„If a product had very specific properties, it would be beneficial to our system.” That’s how it started. Now we offer a range of our own products and components with special properties.


Suction Lance

The clever design of the MPT suction lance eliminates the usual weaknesses of other suction sets. This makes it superior to many comparative products:

  • The gas-tight design protects users and the environment from harmful or even hazardous gases.
  • Two switching points provide advance warning before the tank runs empty or the pump runs dry.
  • A recirculation connection on the pump’s overflow or vent valve prevents unintentional leakage of media.

MPT Inline Mixer

The advantages at a glance
  • The MPT inline mixers are unbeatably efficient when mixing fluids. As a consequence, active substances can be added in higher concentrations, resulting in considerable savings potential. Our experience shows: up to 40% are achievable! For dewatering sludge in filter and belt presses, there is nothing better than MPT’s dynamic inline mixers. By applying higher concentrated flocculants, less water is added. This reduces consumption. Best of all, the sludgier the fluid, the better the degree of mixing!

  • MPT’s dynamic inline mixers guarantee intensive, easily adjustable mixing in the pipe – with automatic change of the direction of rotation.

  • Fluids are dispensed towards the injection nozzle where they are promptly mixed in by the agitator blades

  • The centrifugal force of the shaft ensures optimum dispersion of the injected fluid in the liquid flow.

  • Continuous stirring prevents stratification, the injection fluid reaches every single particle of the liquid.

  • Clumps are dissolved before they can interfere with the process.




SL 250



Let a dosing and mixing professional advise you and reveive a tailor-made offer!

René Velten

Product Consultant
Proprietary Products