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MILTON ROY – more than 80 years of experience

MILTON ROY is the world name when it comes to dosing. The pumps, mixers and accessories are manufactured to the highest standards, are certified extensively and meet all common international standards. The dosing pump range starts at a few millilitres and ends up at several cubic metres per hour. Pressures up to 1400 bar are supported. Users of MILTON ROY products can rely on outstanding quality, comprehensive support and perfect service throughout the entire service life of a pump. We therefore rely for many years on the industry experience and the large range of metering pumps supplied by the market leader.


The best way to meter critical chemicals: unsurpassed reliability and absolute precision

From garage to global industrial enterprise.

The first metering pump in the world was made by Milton Roy. Many important developments in metering pump technology have been added over the years: the high-performance diaphragm, the hydraulic bypass or diaphragm rupture detection. The company has remained a pioneer up to this day. It anticipates trends, takes them up and develops innovative solutions for a wide variety of applications.

A wide range of metering pumps

The range starts at a few milliliters and extends to several cubic meters per hour. Pressures up to 1400 bar are covered. Users of MILTON ROY products can rely on outstanding quality, comprehensive support and perfect service throughout the life of a pump.

Metering and Process Pumps

Features & Benefits:

  • Wide range with nine pump series including heavy-duty and off-shore variants
  • Innumerable combinations of materials and drives
  • High flexibility through multiplex configuration on same base frame
  • Wide range of control options: manual, 4-20 mA, Modbus RTU, Profibus
  • Wide control range up to 100:1
  • Individual color and coating selection
  • Highest precision up to ± 0.5%
  • Cost-saving due to low energy consumption

Electronic Metering Pumps


Water treatment professionals around the world rely on LMI chemical metering pumps. They offer top performance for flow proportional applications with suspensions and high viscosity chemicals. Users can be found in the industrial, commercial, residential and agricultural sectors. LMI stands for excellent service. This is ensured by a globally distributed network of warehouses and service centres.

Pneumatic Metering Pumps

The strength of WILLIAMS pneumatically actuated metering pumps is their excellent chemical compatibility and resistance at the lowest volumes or high pressures.

Benefits of this type of pump:

  • Easy installation
  • Very simple maintenance
  • Intrinsically safe operation
  • Manual or automatic operation with solenoid valve
  • Compact design
  • Pressure range up to 900 bar

Milton Roy


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Pumpe XY


Pumpe XY

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