#Perfect Dosing & Mixing

There is a clever engineer behind every good system solution.

Customized Dosing and Mixing Technology

At MPT, you get individual mixing and dosing solutions – so that everything fits your process perfectly.


Exact Dosing

Today, advancing automation and rising quality demands confront planners and designers with increasingly tricky challenges. When dealing with toxic or harmful chemicals, issues relating to occupational safety and environmental protection will play a major role in your operations. This is why the controlled, measurement-based dosing of chemicals plays a key part in your process engineering today. More than ever, the teamwork of specialists from different disciplines is required. MPT has been familiar with the individual, specification-based planning and execution of systems for decades. When it comes to dosing, controlling and mixing, no one can beat us.

Homogeneous Mixing

Of course, you want to be sure that your components are completely mixed, even if large volumes are involved. We solve this by considering all parameters and then deciding whether mechanical agitators or PULSAIR’s compressed air pulse systems will achieve the best possible results. For continuous mixing of additives and other chemicals, we use static mixers manufactured from the most common materials. An optimized, very agent-saving mixing succeeds with our own innovation, the speed-controlled dynamic inline mixer. Contact us today!


Efficient Control

You want to reliably measure all relevant control variables and you exactly want to add the necessary chemicals. MPT offers its own sensors, pH, redox and conductivity controllers as well as special controllers for cooling and boiler water conditioning.

Planning & Constructing with Passion

As a healthy, medium-sized company, we identify fully with your tasks and requirements. What we are planning, we are responsible for. Because we ensure the efficient functioning of our plants even during construction and commissioning. It is this closeness to the practice and the wealth of experience that help us to always think anew and from your perspective. And this, even though the focus is always on the same topic: Mixing or dosing fluids and gases efficiently. That is exactly what we are so passionate about.


Let a dosing and mixing professional advise you and reveive a tailor-made offer!

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