#MPT Inline Mixers

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MPT Inline Mixers

Optimal Solutions for Efficiency and Precision

Our MPT Inline Mixers revolutionize the mixing process in demanding applications such as sewage sludge and wastewater treatment, as well as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. As MPT’s proprietary product, these innovative solutions deliver top-notch mixing performance and maximum efficiency for your facility.


Our dynamic MPT Inline Mixers find their application in key areas:

  • Sewage Sludge and Wastewater Treatment: Efficient mixing and drainage are crucial for smooth wastewater treatment. Our MPT Inline Mixers ensure homogeneous mixing and improved drainage results, leading to enhanced overall performance.

  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry: Precision in mixing is paramount in this high-precision industry. Our MPT Inline Mixers guarantee perfect blending of chemicals and other substances, resulting in better TR (Total Residue) values in the discharge and optimizing facility operations.

Our MPT Inline Mixers offer a plethora of benefits:

  • Reduced Risk of Clogging: Thanks to their intelligent design, our MPT Inline Mixers minimize the risk of clogging in your facility, increasing operational time and minimizing unplanned downtimes.

  • Improved Drainage Results: A uniform mixture ensures improved drainage, leading to higher yields and more efficient operation.

  • Optimized TR Values in Discharge: Our MPT Inline Mixers guarantee precisely defined TR values in the discharge, enhancing the quality of your end products and minimizing waste.

  • Lower Back Pressure, Reduced Power Consumption: Optimized mixing results in reduced back pressure in sludge pumps, leading to lower power consumption and significant energy savings.

  • Reduced Vulnerability and Wear: Our MPT Inline Mixers decrease the vulnerability and wear of your sludge pumps, lowering maintenance costs and extending the lifespan of your facilities.

  • Chemical Savings: Due to precise and efficient mixing, you require fewer chemicals, reducing costs and minimizing environmental impact.

  • Lower Operating Costs, Enhanced Efficiency: Our solutions are designed to lower your operating costs while maximizing the overall efficiency of your facility, leading to higher profitability.

  • Easy Integration into Existing Systems: Our MPT Inline Mixers seamlessly integrate into existing systems, minimizing installation efforts and ensuring a smooth transition to our innovative solutions.


Our MPT Inline Mixers offer additional options for even more adaptability:

  • Dry Run Protection: An integrated dry run protection ensures your facility’s safety, preventing damage during unexpected operational interruptions.

  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Control: The option of a variable frequency drive allows precise control of the mixing process, enhancing your facility’s flexibility.

Rely on our MPT Inline Mixers to optimize your processes, reduce operating costs, and enhance the overall efficiency of your facility. Contact us today to learn more about our tailored solutions and discover how we can meet your specific requirements.


MPT Dynamischer Inline-Mischer DIM Serie

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Jochen Neidert

Product Consultant
Proprietary Products